Lasting Impressions: Seals from the Islamic World

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A travelling photographic exhibition from the British Library and the British Museum (Supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund) at the Ancient India & Iran Trust, 10.30am-3pm Monday-Friday, 24 November-8 December 2010 Curators: Annabel Gallop, British Library & Venetia Porter, British Museum Seals have functioned as symbols of authority from the earliest days of Islam. According to tradition, in 628 the Prophet Muhammad had a seal ring made of silver, carved with the words Muhammad Rasul Allah, ‘Muhammad is the Messenger of God’. Ever since, the inscription has been the main …

New Publication: ‘Bactrian Personal Names’

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The Austrian Academy of Sciences has just published part 2, fascicle 7 of the Iranisches Personennamenbuch: Bactrian personal names, by Nicholas Sims-Williams. For more information see our ‘Book news‘ section.

Visit to the Northern Silk Road Oasis Turfan

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Together with Nicholas Sims-Williams and Erica Hunter I recently attended the Turfan Forum on Old Languages of the Silk Road organised in Turfan, Xinjiang, by Academia Turfanica, the Turfan Museum and the Bureau of Cultural Heritage of the Turfan Region, 24-26 October 2010.  This was a first visit to China and Central Asia for me, providing a wonderful opportunity to meet Chinese colleagues and visit the sites we have all been working on for so long (Bezeklik, Khocho, Toyuq and Bulayik), up to now familiar only from the works of …

Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology Volume 3 (2008)

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Edited by Dr. Judith A. Lerner (New York) and Dr. Lilla Russell-Smith (Berlin) Guest editor: Ursula Sims-Williams Turnhout, Belgium: Produced by the Circle of Inner Asian Art for Brepols Publishers. ISBN 978-2-503-52804-5 Annual subscription print version: € 71 (inclusive shipping) Individual backlist volumes in print format: € 66 This volume, guest edited by Ursula Sims-Williams, presents a collection of papers on the history, archaeology and culture of the Kingdom of Khotan before 1000 AD. Articles by Zhang Guangda and Rong Xinjiang, Hiroshi Kumamoto, and Prods Oktor Skjærvø, are fundamental for …

The 2010 NACIRA Conference & General Meeting

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The NACIRA 2010 conference and AGM will be held on Tuesday 7th December 2010 from 10.30am – 4.30pm at the Japan Foundation in Russell Square, London WC1. The theme for the 2010 conference will be the Medium is the Message -New digital resources for Asian & Middle Eastern studies. Speakers include: Rachel Rowe of the film and photograph digitisation project at the Centre for South Asian Studies, Cambridge; Malcolm Raggett of the Fürer-Haimendorf photographic collection digitisation project at SOAS; Sam van Schaik of the Dunhuang Project at the BL; Jane Lewisohn …