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What’s On at the AIIT

We hold regular public lectures at 5:30pm on Friday evenings during University term in addition to special events, conferences, workshops and occasional exhibitions. We also have an active Friends group. As part of the ‘family’, Friends are invited to special events, our traditional Summer Garden Party and other social functions, and are always welcome to visit the Trust.

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Michaelmas Term Lectures 2022

All lectures are held at the Trust and begin at 5:30pm (refreshments from 5pm). Everyone is welcome. Further details about the talks can be found here.

14 October: T. Richard Blurton, British Museum; Ancient India & Iran Trust

India: A History in Objects

4 November: Ursula Sims-Williams, British Library; Ancient India & Iran Trust

The Many Faces of Alexander the Great

This is now a hybrid event, which will be held at the Trust and on Zoom.

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Detail from Aïrtam frieze, 1st-2nd century CE; Termez Archaeological Museum, Uzbekistan. Photo: Sue Fleckney, 1 May 2018, licensed under Creative Commons CC BY-SA 2.0. Image cropped from original: https://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/44722751535/

25 November: Jeffrey P. Charest, independent scholar

Intercultural Themes in the Post-Hellenistic Music Cultures of Bactria, Gandhāra and Indo-Greek Kingdoms


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Joe Cribb, Hebei Normal University; British Museum; Ancient India & Iran Trust

The Origins of Coinage: China and Turkey c. 600 BC


Left: Bronze hoe-shaped coin of Zhou, central northern China. Right: Gold-silver alloy coin of ‘Phanes’, western Turkey © British Museum

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