Recent Library Acquisitions: Journals

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Recent acquisitions to the AIIT library include several new issues of journals to add to our exisiting holdings. Although not currently accessible in the library, many of these journals latest issues are available in electronic form.

Afghanistan : Volume 3, Issue 2, October 2020 –  journal of The American Institute of Afghanistan Studies, dedicated to the cross-cultural study of Afghanistan and its surrounding regions, delving into its rich history from a wide variety of humanities-focused angles. The journal covers all subjects in the humanities including: history, art, archaeology, architecture, geography, numismatics, literature, religion, social sciences and contemporary issues from the pre-Islamic and Islamic periods. Published on behalf of the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies by Edinburgh University Press. This issue includes a tribute to archaeologist Warwick Ball, founder of the journal, who has stepped down as Editor-in-Chief.

AIIT Library shelfmark: PER462 ; University of Cambridge: Electronic legal deposit (restricted access).

Indo-Iranian Journal : Volume 63, No. 4, 2020. The Indo-Iranian Journal (IIJ), founded in 1957, is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on the ancient and medieval languages and cultures of South Asia and of pre-Islamic Iran. Published by Brill.

AIIT Library shelfmark: PER170 ; Full text online via institutional access or subscription only. Selected articles available to view on the Brill website.

Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society (JRAS) : Volume 30, Part 4, October 2020 (third series). JRAS is a double-peer-refereed quarterly journal, published with a broad multi-disciplinary approach to the history of Asia with subjects including: history, art history, linguistics and religious studies.

AIIT Library shelfmark PER178 ; Full text online for members of the Royal Asiatic Society and Cambridge University Press’ Cambridge Core via institutional access or subscription.

Journal of the American Oriental Society (JAOS) : Volume 140, No. 3, July-September 2020. JAOS publishes articles of research in the literatures and civilizations of North Africa, the Near East, South and Southeast Asia, Inner Asia, and the Far East. Published quartely by the American Oriental Society, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.

AIIT Library shelfmark PER182 ; Full text online via institutional access or subscription to the American Oriental Society. Journal contents and article downloads are available on JSTOR.

ONS: Journal of the Oriental Numismatic Society : No. 239, Spring 2020.

The Oriental Numismatic Society is a world-wide network of those interested in oriental coins and money (collectors, scholars, and enthusiasts). The society publishes its journal quarterly and is issued to all members. The latest issue includes this article by AIIT trustee Joe Cribb, with Zhou Ti, Mitsuda Norifumi, and Chris Liu on ‘Sino-Kharoshthi Coins of Kucha: A New Discovery’ (pp 9-14).

AIIT Library shelfmark PER471 ; The journal is currently not available in electronic form.

7th Allchin Symposium on South Asian Archaeology: an online success

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By Alessandro Ceccarelli and Cameron Petrie On Saturday 5 December 2020, the first ever online version of the Allchin Symposium was hosted in Cambridge. In keeping with the tradition of the event, scholars at various stages of their careers, usually based in the UK, presented their papers in front of an audience of their peers, but the new online format made it possible to diversify both the speakers and the audience. Rather than a limit imposed by the size of a room at the Ancient India and Iran Trust, hundreds …

Phased reopening of the Trust Library

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We are delighted to announce a limited reopening of our library in accordance with Public Health England advice. To make things as safe as possible for readers and staff, a number of measures will be put in place, including social distancing. In the first instance, we will only be open to researchers who need to access specific collection items. Use of our reading rooms will be restricted to readers who have pre-booked material and an appointment time. We regret that it is not possible at this stage to reserve general …

A new Bactrian inscription from Jaghori, Afghanistan

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Bactrian, the main administrative language of pre-Islamic Afghanistan, is unique amongst the languages of the Iranian family in being written in a script derived from Greek, a legacy of the conquest of the region by Alexander the Great in the 4th century BCE. Until recently, the Bactrian language was almost unknown. Over the last 25 or 30 years, however, nearly 200 Bactrian documents written in cursive Greek script on parchment, cloth or wood have gradually come to light. Most of these documents have been edited and translated by our Chair …

The Trust garden in Spring

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By James Cormick, Custodian at the Trust The garden is looking lovely, enjoying the hot dry weather. The roses in particular are having a field day.