Phased reopening of the Trust Library

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We are delighted to announce a limited reopening of our library in accordance with Public Health England advice. To make things as safe as possible for readers and staff, a number of measures will be put in place, including social distancing.

In the first instance, we will only be open to researchers who need to access specific collection items. Use of our reading rooms will be restricted to readers who have pre-booked material and an appointment time. We regret that it is not possible at this stage to reserve general desk/study space for long-term readers. This will be reviewed at a later date.

Appointments will be available from Tuesday 25 August, between 9am and 1pm, on Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. These can be booked, from Monday 10 August, by emailing our Assistant Librarian, Joanna Salisbury:, or calling her on 01223 702095.

We can allow a maximum of two readers (one in each reading room) to be present at the same time.

To limit movement around the Trust, requested material will be collected for visitors in advance and made available in the allocated reading room.

The photocopier will not be available for visitor use, but requests for scanning or copying of articles can be made in advance, or on the day.

It will not be possible for visitors to browse the stacks, use the kitchen or visit other spaces beyond their designated reading room and bathroom facilities.

Readers will need to:

  • supply contact details before their visit
  • use the provided hand sanitiser on entry into the building

Wearing a face mask inside the building is optional.

We also ask that readers do not bring any large bags or cases with them as these cannot be stored safely.

If you experience any Covid-19 symptoms on the day before or day of your visit, please contact the Trust to rearrange your appointment.

We are very much looking forward to welcoming readers to the Trust again and will keep you informed as we continue to review our activities. Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

A new Bactrian inscription from Jaghori, Afghanistan

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Bactrian, the main administrative language of pre-Islamic Afghanistan, is unique amongst the languages of the Iranian family in being written in a script derived from Greek, a legacy of the conquest of the region by Alexander the Great in the 4th century BCE. Until recently, the Bactrian language was almost unknown. Over the last 25 or 30 years, however, nearly 200 Bactrian documents written in cursive Greek script on parchment, cloth or wood have gradually come to light. Most of these documents have been edited and translated by our Chair …

The Trust garden in Spring

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By James Cormick, Custodian at the Trust The garden is looking lovely, enjoying the hot dry weather. The roses in particular are having a field day.

Recent Publications from our Trustees – 2019/2020

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As any recent publications acquired by the Trust are not currently accessible to readers, we thought we would share with you an update of recent publications from some of our Trustees, many of which are Open Access papers and therefore available to download online. Joe Cribb : Cribb, J., ‘Fifth Century Sasanian Coins Found in Guangdong Province, Southern China‘ in Singh, Karan (ed.) Journal of the Oriental Numismatic Society ; No. 236, Summer 2019. Cribb, J., ‘The Bimaran Casket: The Problem of Its Date and Significance (abstract)’ in Stargardt, J. …

MUYA’s Virtual Reality project ‘Living Zoroastrianism’ (SOAS) acknowledged at BAFTSS awards

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The Multimedia Yasna Project (MUYA) has received special mention at the 2020 British Association of Film, Television and Screen Studies (BAFTSS) awards ceremony.  Their Virtual Reality project ‘Living Zoroastrianism‘, from Anna Sowa and AIIT trustee Almut Hintze, includes key scenes from the Yasna ritual as a virtual reality experience. AIIT trustee Almut Hintze (Zartoshty Brothers Professor of Zoroastrianism at SOAS) is Principal Investigator of the project The Multimedia Yasna, whose chief objective is an interactive film of the Yasna ceremony and editions with translations and commentaries of parts of the …