ournalist, Edmund O’Donovan, elected Chief Khan of Merv, from Merv: A Story of Adventures and Captivity Epitomized from ‘The Merv Oasis’ by Edmund O’Donovan, 1883.

Books about Afghanistan 3 by Nicholas Barrington

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Those of you who enjoyed reading the articles by our trustee Sir Nicholas Barrington on his collection of books about the 19th-century history of Afghanistan, the ‘Great Game’ and northern India in the last two issues of Indiran (14 and 15) may like to know that a third article is now available. It covers more about the western (Herat) side of Afghanistan, with pictures of some of the remarkable characters involved.

Sir Nicholas is working on a fourth article, which will include material on often-forgotten Baluchistan and the lead-up to the Second Anglo-Afghan War.

Read the article here

Updated Duplicates for Sale List – January 2023

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From time to time the Ancient India & Iran Trust advertises duplicate books and periodicals for sale.  Many of these are rare and out of print. We view this as a useful way of helping researchers and also of creating revenue. We have no dedicated income for purchasing current publications so the proceeds from book sales make a direct contribution towards keeping our collections up to date. We have just issued an updated list of over 950 titles which include many duplicates from the collections of Mary Boyce (1920-2006), Professor …

New Issue of INDIRAN now online

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Issue 16 of of our newsletter, Indiran, is now available to view here. We hope you enjoy reading it. If you would like a print copy please contact our Administrator, Munizha Ahmad-Cooke, by emailing [email protected] or calling 01223 356841.

Raymond and Bridget Allchin on their wedding day, March 1951. © Ancient India & Iran Trust

The Allchins in Afghanistan in 1951

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Raymond and Bridget Allchin on their wedding day, March 1951. © Ancient India & Iran Trust