Michelle Quay: ‘Female Heroism in Sufi Hagiographical Texts’ Lecture

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Reminder: on Friday 12th February 5.30pm, Michelle Quay will speak on “Female Heroism in Sufi Hagiographical Texts – From Sulami (d. 1021) to ‘Attar (d. ca. 1221)”

Michelle Quay’s research in the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Cambridge, focuses on the treatment of gender in Pre-modern Persian mystical poetry, particularly the poetry of the 12th century poet Farid al-Din ‘Attar. In this talk she presents a re-reading of premodern Persian and Arabic Sufi hagiographical texts from the 11th – 13th centuries through the lens of gender and the body.

Refreshments from 5pm. All welcome.

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