Recent Publications from our Trustees – 2019/2020

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As any recent publications acquired by the Trust are not currently accessible to readers, we thought we would share with you an update of recent publications from some of our Trustees, many of which are Open Access papers and therefore available to download online.

Joe Cribb :

Cribb, J., ‘Fifth Century Sasanian Coins Found in Guangdong Province, Southern Chinain Singh, Karan (ed.) Journal of the Oriental Numismatic Society ; No. 236, Summer 2019.

Cribb, J., ‘The Bimaran Casket: The Problem of Its Date and Significance (abstract)’ in Stargardt, J. and Willis, M. (eds.) Relics and Relic Worship in Early Buddhism: India, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Burma. Research Publication ; 218. London : British Museum, 2018.

Fig.36 Drawing of Bimaran Stupa No.2 by Charles Masson (from Wilson Ariana Antiqua, Topes, pl. III, 1834, published 184


Almut Hintze :

Hintze, A., ‘Maria Macuch and Iranian Studies  in A. Hintze, D. Durkin-Meisterernst & C. Naumann (eds.), A Thousand Judgements. Festschrift for Maria Macuch. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz 2019, 175–192. A reference copy of this festschrift is held at the trust, shelf mark: AIIT.a.2196.


Hintze, A., ‘An Introduction to Zoroastrianism‘ in Discovering Sacred Texts. Explore the sacred texts of the world’s great faiths. Online site of the British Library,




Sam Lieu :

Lieu, S.N.C., ‘Excellence through collaboration’ in  J.-L. De Paepe, P. Jodogne and I. Algrain (eds.), From a republic of scholars to a community of researchers – Perspectives on the History of the International Union of Academies (UAI) 1919-2019 (Turnout: Brepols 2019) 11-23. ISBN 978-2503-585543.

Lieu, S.N.C., ‘Persons, titles and places in the Xi’an Monument’ in Tang Li and D.W. Winkler (eds.), Artifact, Text and Context. Studies on Syriac Christianity in China and Central Asia, Orientalia – Patristica – Œcumenica, Vol. 17 (Zürich: Lit Verlag, May 2020) 61-81 ISBN 978-3-643-91195-7.


Julius Lipner :

Lipner, Julius, ‘Comparative Theology in the Academic Study of Religion: An Inquiry’, online in Interreligious Relations (IRR), Issue 6, July 2019, pp. 1-21. S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies (RSIS), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

Lipner, Julius, The Truth of Dharma and the Dharma of Truth: reflections on Hinduism as a Dharmic Faith, in  International Journal of Hindu Studies, 23(3), December 2019, pp.213-237.


Cameron Petrie :

Green, A.S., Singh, R.N., Alam, A., Garcia, A., Green, L.M., Conesa, F., Orengo, H.A., Ranjan A., and Petrie, C.A. 2019. Re-discovering dynamic ancient landscapes: archaeological survey of mound features from historical maps in northwest India and their implications for the large-scale distribution of settlements in South Asia, Remote Sensing 11(18), 2089.

Parikh, D. and Petrie, C.A. 2019.We are inheritors of a rural civilisation’: rural complexity and the ceramic economy in the Indus Civilisation in northwest India, World Archaeology 51.2: 252-272 [online 18 June].

The Evolution of Fragility: setting the terms / edited by Norman Yoffee. © 2019 McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research (University of Cambridge).

Petrie, C.A., Orengo, H., Green, A.S., Walker, J.R., Garcia, A., Conesa, F., Knox, J.R. and Singh, R.N. 2019. ‘Mapping archaeology while mapping an empire: using historical maps to reconstruct settlement landscapes in India and Pakistan‘, Geosciences9.1:11 (1-26) [online first 25 December 2018.

Petrie, C.A. 2019.Diversity, variability, adaptation and ‘fragility’ in the Indus Civilisation‘, in Yoffee, N. (ed.). The Evolution of Fragility: Setting the Terms, McDonald Institute Monographs: Conversations, Cambridge: 109-133.



Christine van Ruymbeke :

van Ruymbeke, C., ‘What does Turandot want? From Puccini’s Freudian riddle back to Nizami’s Silent Pythagorean questions. in Linee storiografiche e nuove prospettive di ricerca / a cura di Francesca Bellino, Eliana Creazzoe Antonio Pioletti (Rubettino, 2019).

van Ruymbeke, C., ‘Persian Medieval Rewriters Between Auctoritas and Authorship: The Story of Khusrau and Shirin as a Case-Study‘ in van den Berg, G. and Melville, C. (eds.) Shahnama studies III: the reception of the Shahnama / edited by Gabrielle van den Berg and Charles Melville. Leiden : Brill, 2018 (2019). []


© Turnhout, Belgium : Brepols, 2019

Nicholas Sims-Williams :

From liturgy to pharmacology : Christian Sogdian texts from the Turfan Collection / by Nicholas Sims-Williams ; with contributions by J.F. Coakley, Dieter Maue and Adrian Pirtea. Berliner Turfantexte ; 45. Turnhout, Belgium : Brepols, 2019. [Print only, a reference copy is held at the trust, shelf mark: AIIT.a.2140]


Ursula Sims-Williams :

Sims-Williams, U., ‘Manuscript collectors and collections from the Southern Silk Road’, Annual Report of The International Research Institute for Advanced Buddhology at Soka University. Vol 21 (2018), pp. 273-289

Sims-Williams, U., ‘Zoroastrianism in late antiquity’ in Discovering Sacred Texts. Explore the sacred texts of the world’s great faiths (British Library, 2019)

Sims-Williams, U., ‘Jewish merchants in the desert’, and ‘A Khotanese legal case’ in Silk Roads: Peoples, Cultures, Landscapes, ed S. Whitfield (London, 2019). Print only, a reference copy is held at the trust, shelf mark: AIIT.b.242




Our trustees also have a number of books due to be published, although future publications are obviously all subject to current working conditions and so any publication dates are likely to change:

Kushan Coins: a catalogue based on the Kushan, Kushano-Sasanian and Kidarite Hun coins in the British Museum, 1st−5th centuries AD / Joe Cribb and Robert Bracey. Research Publications. London : British Museum, forthcoming publication, July 2020.

The Church of the East in Central Asia / S.N.C. Lieu and G. Thompson (eds.). Series: China and the Mediterranean World ; 1. (Brepols, July 2020)

Resistance at the Edge of Empires: The Archaeology and History of the Bannu Basin from 1000 BC to AD 1200 / Cameron A. Petrie (and) Peter Magee. Series: Bannu Archaeological Project ; Volume 3 (Oxbow Books, September 2020)

A History of India through Objects / Richard Blurton. (Thames & Hudson / British Museum, forthcoming 2020-2021).

Ursula has several articles in the press and continues to publish posts on her current research topic Tipu Sultan of Mysore on the British Library Asian and African website (








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