Raymond Mercier: ‘Calendars in India and a Problem with Eclipses in Orissa’ Lecture

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Reminder: on Friday 18th March 2016, 5.30pm, Raymond Mercier will lecture on ‘Calendars in India and a problem with eclipses in Orissa.’

Scholar and author Raymond Mercier will explain something of the variety of calendars used in mediaeval India. Each calendar counts years from a certain epoch, and while most epoch years have been established there has remained one, that of the Ganga Era of Orissa, that is still to be fixed.

This talk is part of the Cambridge Science Festival. Booking advisable but we will endeavour to accommodate all.

Refreshments from 5pm.

Friday 18th March 2016, 5.30pm
Ancient India & Iran Trust
23 Brooklands Avenue, Cambridge CB2 8BG

Tel: 01223 356841. E-mail: info@indiran.org

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