Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology Volume 3 (2008)

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Edited by Dr. Judith A. Lerner (New York) and Dr. Lilla Russell-Smith (Berlin)
Guest editor: Ursula Sims-Williams

Turnhout, Belgium: Produced by the Circle of Inner Asian Art for Brepols Publishers. ISBN 978-2-503-52804-5
Annual subscription print version: € 71 (inclusive shipping)
Individual backlist volumes in print format: € 66

This volume, guest edited by Ursula Sims-Williams, presents a collection of papers on the history, archaeology and culture of the Kingdom of Khotan before 1000 AD. Articles by Zhang Guangda and Rong Xinjiang, Hiroshi Kumamoto, and Prods Oktor Skjærvø, are fundamental for Khotanese historical studies, providing a much-needed re-examination of the primary sources, while in the archaeological field, the articles by Zhao Feng with Wang Le and Zhang Yuzhong with Qu Tao and Liu Guorui make recent discoveries accessible for the first time outside China. Similarly, Duan Qing’s article and the joint study by Rong Xinjiang and Wen Xin present new documentary Chinese-Khotanese material adding further dimensions to our interpretation of historical events. Tsuguhito Takeuchi’s contribution covers the administration of Khotan specifically during the Tibetan period, while those of Giuliana Martini and Mauro Maggi with Anna Filigenzi relate to Buddhism in Khotan and Buddhist iconography and patronage.

Philip DENWOOD, “The Tibetans in the West, Part I
Géza FEHÉRVÁRI, “The Lions of Ghazni”
Imre GALAMBOS, “The Third Ōtani Expedition at Dunhuang: Acquisition of the Japanese Collection of Dunhuang Manuscripts”
Sascha PRIEWE, “The ‘Stein Loan Collection’: Ceramics and Buddhist Art from the Silk Roads in the Victoria and Albert Museum”
Elizabeth Rosen STONE, “Some Begram Ivories and the South Indian Narrative Tradition: New Evidence”
DUAN Qing, “Bisā- and Hālaa- in a New Chinese-Khotanese Bilingual Document”
Hiroshi KUMAMOTO, “A St. Petersburg Bilingual Document and Problems of the Chronology of Khotan”
Mauro MAGGI and Anna FILIGENZI, “Pelliot tibétain 2222: a Dunhuang Painting with a Khotanese Inscription”
Giuliana MARTINI, “Tracing the sources of the Book of Zambasta: the Case of the Yakṣa Painter Simile and the Ratnakūṭa”
RONG Xinjiang and WEN Xin, “Newly Discovered Chinese-Khotanese Bilingual Tallies”
Prods Oktor SKJÆRVØ, “The End of Eighth-Century Khotan in Its Texts” Tsuguhito TAKEUCHI, “Tshar, srang, and tshan: Administrative Units in Tibetan-ruled Khotan”
ZHANG Guangda and RONG Xinjiang, “On the Dating of Khotanese Documents from the Area of Khotan”
ZHANG Yuzhong, QU Tao and LIU Guorui, “A Newly Discovered Buddhist Temple and Wall Paintings at Dandan-Uiliq in Xinjiang”
ZHAO Feng and WANG Le, “Textiles and Clothing Excavated from the Tombs of Buzak in Khotan”

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