ournalist, Edmund O’Donovan, elected Chief Khan of Merv, from Merv: A Story of Adventures and Captivity Epitomized from ‘The Merv Oasis’ by Edmund O’Donovan, 1883.

Books about Afghanistan 3 by Nicholas Barrington

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Those of you who enjoyed reading the articles by our trustee Sir Nicholas Barrington on his collection of books about the 19th-century history of Afghanistan, the ‘Great Game’ and northern India in the last two issues of Indiran (14 and 15) may like to know that a third article is now available. It covers more about the western (Herat) side of Afghanistan, with pictures of some of the remarkable characters involved.

Sir Nicholas is working on a fourth article, which will include material on often-forgotten Baluchistan and the lead-up to the Second Anglo-Afghan War.

Read the article here

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