Arthur Dudney: ‘What Language Did Kiyomars Speak?’ Lecture

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Reminder: on Friday 19th February 5.30pm, Arthur Dudney will speak on ‘What Language Did Kiyomars Speak? Seventeenth and Eighteenth Century Theories on the Origins of Persian’

Theories of linguistic origins before modern times were full of mythical people and semi-mythical societies. These could be dismissed out of hand as historical curiosities but this talk argues that pre-modern theories of where Persian came from are worth our attention because even if the conclusions are wildly at odds with our current understanding in historical linguistics, the tools used to reach them were remarkably intricate.

Dr. Arthur D. Dudney is currently Leverhulme Early Career Fellow in the Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, Cambridge.

Refreshments from 5pm. All welcome.

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  1. Dear colleagues at Ancient India and Iran Trust,my name is Galina Wood and presently our family resides in Azerbaijan. Would it be possible to visit your library 16,17 and 18th of march? Please could you let me know as I need to finalize my journey through Cambridge.Have a wonderful lecture by A.Dudney, will it be recorded?GreetingsRespectfuly and with hope to meet youG.W.

  2. Post

    Dear George, You would be very welcome to visit our trust library on any of these days. Our opening hours are: Monday-Thursday 9am-1pm and Friday 9.30am-1.30pm. Kind regards, Jo Salisbury, Assistant Librarian, AIIT.

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