Past Bursary Recipients

Past Bursary Recipients include:

June 2015: Eva Meharry (MA candidate, Department of Archaeology, Durham University) – Allchin & Pinder-Wilson collections – Afghanistan.

Spring 2014: Remo Reginold (Independent scholar) – South Indian intellectual history.

Spring 2014: Anton Zykov (PhD candidate, EPHE, Sorbonne, Paris). Second part of research grant (2011) – Mary Boyce collection, Zoroastrian studies: focusing on ritual change in contemporary Zoroastrianism.

Nov/Dec 2012: Peter Johansen (Research Associate, Department of Anthropology, University of British Columbia) – Allchin Collection: archive of correspondence and photographs of F.R. Allchin.

2011: Dan Sheffield (Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, Harvard University) – Study of the Mary Boyce collection.

2011: Anton Zykov (Modern South Asian Studies, University of Oxford) – Zoroastrian Funeral Rituals in Iran and India.

2011: Stefan Kamola (Department of History, University of Washington, Seattle) – late antique and medieval Persian historiography

2010: Dr Deborah Sutton (Lecturer in History, Lancaster University) – website

2010/2009: Christophe Roustan Delatour (Assistant Director, Museum of Cannes, France) – Cataloging and Conserving Penelope Betjeman’s Himalayan Photographs

2008: Ross Burns (PhD student, Macquarie University, Australia) – The development of the colonnaded axes in the cities of the Roman East

2008: Professor Iain Gardner (The University of Sydney, Australia) – The Kephalaia of the Wisdom of My Lord Mani