The Trust garden in Spring

Jo Salisbury News 4 Comments

By James Cormick, Custodian at the Trust

The garden is looking lovely, enjoying the hot dry weather.

The roses in particular are having a field day.

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  1. What a beautiful garden! Thanks Jo for sharing pictures! We are missing it very much! Such a pity there is no summer party 2020 but perhaps in the autumn we all can meet again? Stay safe! Razia

  2. Thanks, James and Jo, for that lovely reminder of some of the things we are missing. Somehow all gardens have been looking even more beautiful than ever this year. Our rosa Omar Khayyam is looking particularly good this year. Unfortunately we can’t post a picture in a comment, but we’ll send you one separately. Best wishes to all, and stay well. Sandra & Bill

  3. Dear James
    How beautifully you keep the roses, hope you get to smell them and get an inspiration for your day’s work together with all the schollars who come to the best ‘home library'(:

  4. Thank you for your nice comments on the photos of the garden. Yes, I hope we can all meet again soon. I feel very lucky but also rather selfish in being the only one able to be present amongst our glorious spring flowers.

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