The House in Spring

Munizha Ahmad-Cooke News 2 Comments

By James Cormick.

Now that we have pruned back the huge cherry laurels that were not only invading the lawn but also blocking the view, we can take long distance shots of the house from the road and the drive. It is looking lovely this spring, particularly with the Himalayan indigo plant framing the porch in flower.



















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  1. What a lovely view, James! Many thanks for sharing!
    Does it me that the Summer garden party will have a place in June 2019?

  2. That is BEAUTIFUL and may you accomplish much while hosted inside and have a creative fellowship. It is such unique home for scholars.Thank you that you are taking such an excellent care. I had the privilige to visit once for a week and it was like dreaming because you can get some rare books to read in the comfort of a livingroom.
    Galina Woodova

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